PTQI- Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute

Drilling Department

Drilling department is one of the departments at PTQI that has a significant contribution to the enhancement of the quality of training as far as drilling technology is concerned. During their two-year program, students at this department receive a comprehensive training package that includes theoretical and practical modules to master all the skills needed to effectively use the drilling rig and its components.

Training at this department is carried out through a series of modules that include Technical workshops and Drilling Supplies, Drilling Fluids and Equipment and tools of drilling operations.

Third year modules include Technical drilling equipment and operations, Technical drilling, Maintenance of wells and Safety in drilling operation.


2d year 3d year
Driling Fluid Drilling operation
Workshop technology Drilling Equipment & Technology
Drilling machinery Workover
  Rig Safety
  • The department includes workshops and a laboratories:

    • • Equipment workshop
    • • Drilling fluid Laboratory
    • • Drilling Rig
    • • Drilling simulator
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