PTQI- Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute

English Language Department

A very unique department that contributes significantly to the training and development of PTQI students. Since establishment, ELD has harnessed team-teaching approach that has enriched the quality of teaching and promoted the level of performance for students and teachers alike.

For more than 10 years, the department has been running Cambridge PET courses for third year students and the number of successful candidates has been very significant. For the past three years, the PET courses Scheme included second year students with remarkable results. As a consequence of this insightful decision, third year students have embarked on a Cambridge FCE course during which candidates have shown outstanding performance.

To compare the level of language proficiency with that of international standards, FCE candidates sat an IELTS exam last March, and the results exceeded expectation, as most scores obtained were within the range of admission requirement in any university around the world.


The syllabus at ELD is designed to enable students to cope well with the technical modules studied at PTQI, and to ensure excellence of performance later at the work place. All four language skills are taught, so that students have the opportunity to develop a very good command of the language in a wide range of contexts.

1d year 2d year 3d year
  • Graduates of this department can perform the following tasks:

    Accordingly, PET for second year and FCE for third year is now the objective of the department, and every staff member is committed to such an aim. The department has a long-term plan of preparing first year students for PET Cambridge Certificate, Second year students for Cambridge FCE Certificate and Third Year students for IELTS/TOEFL scores that are accepted internationally by both universities and companies

  • The department includes workshops and a laboratories:

    ELD prides itself on the quality teachers and the student-centered approach to teaching and learning that staff members promote within the department. To further enhance the students’ acquisition of the language, the department has a number of four cutting-edge Media Labs to improve students’ communicative skills, and two video rooms.

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