PTQI- Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute

Safety Department

Realizing the need for qualified fire fighters, first aiders and safety technicians, the safety department was established to provide the oil sector with proficient, highly competent safety technicians.


2d year 3d year
Fire Science Fire Engineering
General Safety Fire Technology
Work Shop First Aid
Industrial Safety Occupational Health
  • Graduates of this department can perform the following tasks:

    • - Working effectively in a variety of emergency situations.
    • - Extinguishing pressurized hydrocarbon fires.
    • - Identifying and selecting appropriate fire fighting tactics.
    • - Completely carrying out practical first aid at recognized standards.
    • - Selecting and operating rescue equipment appropriate to extrication.
  • The department includes workshops and a laboratories:

    • - Maintenance and equipment workshop
    • - Breathing apparatus workshop
    • - Fire extinguishers and cylinders refurbishing centre
    • - Training site
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