PTQI- Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute

Theoretical Studies Department

The Theoretical Studies Department is one of PTQI departments that aims at enhancing the scientific capability of the students through its intensive and carefully designed curricula. Both the quality of teaching and the long experience that the teaching staff at this department enjoy provide the opportunity for the students to have better understanding of the basic sciences that act as the backbone for their future careers. A distinctive feature of this department is that most of the text books used were prepared by the staff and are continually reviewed and updated.


1d year 2d year 3d year
Arabic Language & Islamic Education Technical Report Writing Mathematics
Mathematics Mathematics Chemistry
Chemistry Chemistry Physics
Physics Physics English Language
English Language Fluid Mechanics Computer
Computer English Language  
  • The department includes workshops and a laboratories:

    • • 2 Chemistry Labs
    • • 2 Physics labs
    • • 1 Fluid Mechanics Lab
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